We create fun, social, immersive games with artists and brands.

We are passionate about immersive technology, art and accessible movement.

We partnered with brand Willbe. Health; and artists, Metaxu Studio, Sian Fan, Colormotor, Ashley Zelinskie and more.

Our Portfolio

Our founders have collaborated with over 40 artists and global brands.

Our Partnerships

V&A exhibitor, Colormotor x K.A.L. - with music by DJ Jerk Boy 
Somerset House exhibitor, Sian Fan x K.A.L. - with ASMR sound by Ben Dixon 
Award winning architects, Metaxu Studio x Ashley Zelinskie x K.A.L. - with music by DJ Jerk Boy 
Metaxu Studio x K.A.L. for Willbe. Health brand

Why Us? 


Our fun gameplay increases brand engagement time and improves focus.


Multi-user and social sharing enhances brand reach.

Brand Storytelling

Stunning worlds co-designed by artists create impactful brand storytelling.

“Absolutely the way of the future”

“You can get into a flow… Genuinely amazing”

- Global beauty brand

Our Recent Exhibitions

Meet the Team

Our team have over 40 years of collective experience in immersive technology.

Simon Purkis CEng

CEO & Co-Founder. Partnerships with 40+ artists & global brands 

Dr. Pierre-François Gerard

CPO & Co-Founder. Architect & 3D visualiser. PhD in Virtual Reality 

Dr. John Holder

CIO. 20+ years of Virtual & Augmented Reality. MSc Virtual Reality, PhD in Digital Arts

Camilla White BA

Marketing Queen & Advisor 

Alex Coulson BA

Media Tactician & Advisor 

Jane Pilling ACA


Samy Shahriar MSci

Production Assistant 

Logun Tetley BSc

Unity Developer

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