Tetherball VR(Open Beta)

A playground classic, reinvented.

Play Tetherball in mindblowing worlds!

EXPLORE energetic or relaxing worlds that flourish as you play

CONNECT with friends and family with voice chat

CHALLENGE yourself in solo rally or competitive 2-player*

‘Energy’ by KAL x Metaxu Studio x Ashley Zelinskie - with music by DJ Jerk Boy

‘Willbe.’ by KAL x Metaxu Studio

We are Kinetic Art Labs, a Mixed Reality game studio creating social, fun experiences for all ages. 

Our launch title TetherballVR is a throwback to the classic game, hitting a tethered ball around a pole with hands or bats, whilst exploring fantastic worlds - built in collaboration with artists.

Single Player Rally: Hit the ball in solo mode and dynamically build up the world around you as you maximise your rally count against the clock! Play 3, 5 or 10 minutes games and hit combos to unlock hidden animations. 

Two Player Mode*: Express your competitive edge as you face off (and voice chat) with an opponent to wrap the ball around the pole with 6, 9 or 12 rotations targets.

‘Connection’ by KAL x Colormotor - with music by DJ Jerk Boy
‘Peace’ by KAL x Sian Fan - with ASMR sound by Ben Dixon

Immerse yourself in Tetherball VR

Find Your Flow!

Combos are the number of shots in a row without misses. 

Each combo triggers a rewarding animation that will last until the player misses. 

Three hits Right or Left hand, or alternate hand 6 shots.

* This is our Open Beta release - depending on internet connection and our server you may currently experience some lag in online 2-player version. Thank you for your patience, we are working on this!

Bugs or issues - please feedback via Discord, X (Twitter) or our Contact Form - much appreciated! (Known bugs 28 Feb'24 include: High score leader-board; summon twice freezes the ball)